Obama Social Security Number Controversy

Obama Social Security Number Controversy

Obama Social Security Number Controversy

President Obama Social Security Number Identity Controversy

By Delwyn Lounsbury – THE DEFLATION GURU

Possible identity irregularity has surfaced surrounding President Obama Social Security Number 042684425. Licensed private investigator Susan Daniels (expert skip-tracer) along with author Jack Cashill researched the matter. Cashill wrote, “Deconstructing Obama” a book presenting evidence Obama did not write his own autobiography, “Dreams From My Father.”

Cashill maintains Bill Ayers, founder of the communist militant “Weather Underground,” actually wrote the book. Bill Ayers and later wife, Bernardine Dohrn, built bombs which blew up prematurely killing Ayers’s then girl friend, Diana Oughton, in 1970. Ayers is described as a “domestic terrorist” who bombed the Capitol building in 1971 and the Pentagon in 1972.

Bill Ayers helped launch Barack Obama’s political career in Chicago 1995. Bill Ayers lives in Obama’s old Chicago neighborhood Hyde Park.

Barack Husein Obama may be using multiple Social Security numbers including one set aside for a Connecticut applicant. There is no record Obama ever had a mailing address in the state. In addition, the number was previously that of Harrison J. Bonuel, born 1890 (deceased), and was obtained by a 15 year old at the time, Obama, in March or April of 1977. Obama’s earliest employment may have been in 1975 at a Baskin-Robbins ice-cream store in Oahu, Hawaii.

Why is there no Hawaii SS#?

Susan Daniels is a licensed private investigator and would not risk her PI license and livelihood on a false story. Daniels has submitted sworn and notarized affidavits on both the Obama Social Security number and two Social Security numbers associated with Michelle Obama, one of which Daniels stated does not belong to Michelle Obama.

Use of a deceased persons Social Security number is a well known identity theft and way of creating a new false identity.

President Obama’s identity history shows heaps of abnormalities, a probable conspiracy and a lack of documentation including his recently released birth certificate. The certificate is clearly viewed as a fraudulent forgery and fake when dissected with Adobe Illustrator software. See my website for how bad and bogus the latest Obama long-form forged birth certificate really is.

Obama Social Security Number Controversy

In addition, Obama’s house at 5046 South Greenwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60615 may have been previously linked to SS# 042684425 and Barry Soetoro, the name Obama used in Indonesia after being adopted by Lolo Soetoro who married Ann Dunham Obama’s mother. Barack Hussein Obama Junior is actually a citizen of Indonesia and cannot possibly be a “Natural Born” U.S. citizen and therefore he cannot legally be President of the United States according to the U.S. Constitution.

Anyway, the home ownership records have now been changed to a Circuit Court Judge from Chicago – Judge Jane L. Stuart (an Obama contributor) and Harvey Weinberg (Obama’s tax lawyer with the law firm Weinberg, Solomon, Howell & Shane.

In March of 2011, Susan Daniels wrote to the Social Security Administration about the Obama Social Security number strange coincidences. Their answer was, “After reviewing the information you provided, we disagree with your conclusion that a person’s social security number depends up the address of residence.” What? Answer the question and don’t change the subject. The real subject is President Obama lies, sedition and treason. Isn’t it?

Impeach this imposter turning Nazi on us!

Do not re-elect Barack Hussein Obama socialist, communist, Marxist now morphing into a Nazi fascist ever again. Big Brother Barack Obama’s plan is to redistribute wealth, ruin the Constitution, grow the size of government, grow socialism, raise taxes, bankrupt America and turn what’s left over to the Anglo financial power elite one-world-government/new-world-order bunch (like leftist billionaire George Soros).

Obama Social Security Number Controversy

Then you will be told what to do, what to think, where to live and where to work. Obama tyranny is on a path to total loss of freedom and liberty from you, your children and your children’s children. Protect the Constitution before it is too late!

America is now a fascist state. On your watch! More at my website…

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